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When God Has a Better Plan

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The Pharisees said to Him, "Do you hear what these are saying?" And Jesus said to them, 'Yes, have you never read, "Out of the mouth of infants and nursing babies you have prepared praise"?' Matthew 21:26 (ESV) 

As a mom, my most exciting moments have been seeing spiritual markers in my kids’ lives. It gives me joy, peace and hope to see my kiddos walking with Jesus. 

One such time happened when my son was only nine. We had set sail on a cruise from Florida, expecting to have a fabulous, fun-filled trip. We had already experienced disappointment since I was unfamiliar with cruises and had missed the deadline for signing up for the dolphin excursion. My six-year old daughter did not receive the news well and had spent some time crying about that lost opportunity. 

On day two of our seven-day cruise, we learned that there were not one but two hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico and the danger would force our captain to make the decision to reroute the trip. I remember returning to the cabin as the news sank in that all previous plans had been cancelled and any new on-shore activities were uncertain. We were pretty down and my daughter again began to sob. 

I can still see my sweet son's face full of hope, joy and child-like faith as he spoke fourteen little words. "Maybe God has something better planned for us than we had planned for ourselves." At that moment, my breath caught in my chest as I realized that he could be right. 

Now, I know that God does not give us everything we want, because He is at work through difficult situations just as He is in the good times. On this occasion, though, He chose to affirm my son's faith and confirm his belief. We experienced everything we wanted to, including a swim in the ocean with dolphins that had not previously been possible. 

This spiritual milestone in my son's life became a mom milestone in mine. Even when I am not where I need to be, God is still working in my children's lives. He will be more of a parent for them than I could ever be. I just need to move out of the way and trust Him to do what I cannot. 

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1 John 3:1-2John 16

Action Item |

Are you trusting your child's future to God? Or, are you trying to protect them from difficulties that are God's fertile ground for teaching? 

Prayer |

God, help me to trust Your ways are best for my child even when they experience unfavorable situations. Help me have wisdom to know how to guide them through these times and teach them to lean on You. In Jesus name, Amen. 

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How Do We Walk In Love?

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And this is love: that we walk in obedience to his commands. As you have heard from the beginning his command is that you walk in love. 2 John 1:6 NIV

I breathed in, out, and smiled. The five dollar kite that was not designed to fly in 20 mile an hour winds was soaring. It was puny compared to the big fancy kits on the beach. But the string kept unfurling and the kite kept climbing higher and higher into the crisp blue sky. It danced and dodged seagulls and rooftops on its ascent.

Wiggling my toes into the cool creamy sand, I tied the kite string to my beach chair and thought of my Daddy. I can see him rounding the back corner of the house with his blue work shirt stripped off, still wearing his undershirt, work pants, and boots. He'd grab a sheet of newspaper, some garden twine, and two reed-like dried weeds to make the cross bars for our kite. Those newspaper kites always flew. Maybe not as high as the kites on the beach today, but they still reached for the heavens. They were made with love.

I can't fly a kite without thinking of two things 1) making kites with my Daddy, and 2) switches. You see, those cross bars on our newspaper kites were known by another name every other day of the week - - a switch. A switch meant business.

I've had to "pick a switch" many times. A switch dispensed discipline. The worst part was the minutes picking the switch because you needed to be fast, but you did not want to rush anything. In a child's mind you're trying to process if one switch would hurt less than another while putting off the discipline as long as possible.

Those switches had a dual role: love and discipline.

Flying those kits was pure love and joy. In fact, I never remember picking out the cross bars for the kite. Daddy always did that because he knew which ones would work the best. When it came time for discipline, I was sent to the edge of the garden to retrieve my own switch. I think how God loves us so much he disciplines us, too. And how that walk down the yard to get the switch felt like an eternity of separation from my parents. That's how I feel now when I know I have sinned and I don't want the discipline. I'll walk slower and slower toward that patch of switches.

I know now that if I am obedient, the discipline is swift, kind, and loving. God allows us to walk alone down the yard so we can process the separation. Remember, God has never moved. We walked away from him in our sin. He's always drawing us back to him.

Do you need to "pick a switch" today? Take time to confess your sins to the Lord. In love and kindness he will discipline you if necessary and heal any hurts.

Join us this month as we take a look at all kinds of love. The contributors at Sow & Gather hope you will be inspired to love deeper and draw closer to your family and your God.

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Genesis 3

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Do something today with your family that will make a memory filled with love. Here's a link with directions for making a newspaper kite. Kite Making

Prayer |

Dear Heavenly Father, everyday I fall short and sin. Thank you for the love and the instruction you imparted to my earthly father. Lord, give me the same wisdom in raising my child.

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