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Medicine for the Soul

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A Cheerful Heart Is Good Medicine #sowandgather #proverbs

A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a broken spirit saps a person’s strength. Proverbs 17:22 (NLT)

Recently I was reminded of this little bitty Proverb. The day was gloomy outside and it was fairly gloomy inside. Irritation, frustration and lack of guidance engulfed that morning and then this little proverb creeped into my day. I must tell you the reading of it almost sent me into a rage.

A CHEERFUL HEART????? All I could picture was Tigger (from Winnie-the-Pooh) bouncing brainlessly around the room. Why in the world would God in His divine word, give us such a pronouncement? A Tigger- filled reaction is good medicine... really? My anger led me to a few books because I simply had to get to the bottom of this. In all of my gloom, what exactly was God asking me to do?

Much to my surprise, that rainy morning God had a very personal message for me. That message had nothing to do with personality or with bouncing around. Here is what my precious Jesus taught me in all of His incredible Grace:

  1. The word cheerful in this verse has nothing to do with our outward actions, but has everything to do with our inner heart. That word can be interchanged with words like joy, blessedness and happiness in the Bible. A deeper searching of the word reveals the most amazing definition, “inner peace that transcends circumstance.”
  2. This state of the heart, a cheerful heart, is medicine for something! It is literally the band-aid, the antibiotic, the ibuprofen for something in our lives.
  3. The verse goes on to tell us that the opposite of a cheerful heart is “a broken spirit.” It also reveals that a broken spirit (or better translated in the Hebrew, heartache) that is not tended to, that is not healed, will sap a person’s strength.
  4. Conclusion: Inner peace that transcends circumstance will heal heartache and prevent you from being completely crushed!

The rain continued outside, but the inside of my house was looking brighter. It was as if God spoke out loud to me and said, “Kelli, your frustrations and irritations are sapping your strength. Your heartache is trying desperately to crush you. Sit with Me here. Allow My spirit to fill you so that you can experience divine joy. Your circumstance may not change today, but you can prevent this from crushing you! A cheerful heart will be medicine to your soul.”

I have no idea what you are facing today, but I do know one thing: Women know a thing or two about heartache. Our roles, in the home and out of the home, bring about so many moments that quite simply crush our spirits. If you are facing heartache today, for whatever reason, I tell you with complete confidence that a heart that is filled with joy that comes from your creator will be good medicine for you. Take a moment and ask God to fill you with His perfect peace. This cheerful heart will prevent your heartache form crushing your soul.

Dig Deeper |

Matthew 5 talks about being Blessed. It is the perfect description of one who experiences divine joy. Read it and meditate on the details that Jesus gives.

Action Item |

Memorize Proverbs 17:22. I have memorized it with the definitions included. “A cheerful heart (a heart that is controlled by God and filled with His spirit giving me divine joy) is good medicine (will fix, heal or mend), but a broken spirit (heartache) will crush the spirit.”

Prayer |

Jesus, it is such a privilege to be able to speak with You each morning. Lord, I ask that you fill me today with Your complete and total peace. Lord, I ask that you protect my mind from being distracted by my circumstance. Lord, heal my heartache and give me the words to share with others who are also experiencing heartache today. Amen.

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