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I'm Not The Star And That's Okay

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I and my attendants will fast as you do. Esther 4:16 NIV 

It's been another wrap on awards season for actors, films, and television shows.  Maybe your favorite movie won best picture, or not. If you watched the Oscars, you might have been a little confused on who won – the announcer sure was.  

I always enjoy the award for supporting actor. For the star of the movie to truly shine and develop her character, she needs to interact with other people. The character and qualities of the star unfold for the audience by watching the interactions with those in supporting roles. 

This month the writers of Sow & Gather are focused on the book and story of Esther. It has always struck me how the people surrounding Esther admired, loved, and respected her so much that they wanted her to be a shining star in the king's palace. I've often tried to place myself into the mind of Esther's attendants. What was it like to always be in a supporting role to such a beautiful woman? 

Esther was a Jew in the king's palace. She had not disclosed her heritage. Even when she became queen, she kept her secret. While Esther was in the palace, the king made a decree to kill all the Jewish people in the king's region. We don't know, but can assume, that none of her attendants were Jewish. Her Jewish uncle Mordecai was visibly upset over the decree and Esther sent one of the king's eunuchs to provide him clothing and exchange messages with him in the courtyard. By her actions in supporting Mordecai, I'm sure her attendants suspected her true heritage. Her attendants, both male and female, cared for her so much they were willing to sacrifice food and comfort to pray for, and with, Esther. They also faithfully protected her identity. 

The eunuchs and maid servants had nothing to gain by caring for Esther in her time of need. I imagine they placed themselves in harm’s way by supporting Esther. Yet, they did more than what was required of them. They humbled themselves before Esther and Esther's God. They allowed others to shine. They supported Esther in her time of need. 

Each of us is a supporting actor in someone else's life. You may never understand the importance of that roll. You will surely be blessed by fulfilling that calling with all your heart. 

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Action Item |

Identify two people in your life that you support. Write down three ways you can serve them and take the next step in making each of their lives a little easier this week. 

Prayer |

Dear Heavenly Father, I love how You intertwine our lives with others. It may seem obvious that we support people in our families and our boss. But help us to see how we support our co-workers and those that report to us at work. Help us to nurture the relationships around us so that everyone feels the love of God. Amen. 

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