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How Do You Define Beauty? - The Quiet Spirit

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How Do You Define Beauty? The Quiet Spirit #sowandgather #mothers

Rather, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God’s sight. 1 Peter 3:4 NIV

My favorite part of May is the celebration of motherhood. I’m so grateful to be a Mom, but also for my Mom and Grandmothers whom I cherish.

My Grandmother Justus always had a quiet, peaceful spirit about her. She wasn’t one to share her life story; in fact, she wasn’t much of a talker! I regret not asking her questions about her life, like how did she meet my Grandfather? What was it like moving to Rhode Island and living on a Naval Base as a Southerner? What was her favorite flower or food?

The one thing I knew for sure about my Grandmother was her love of Christ. She lived out her faith every day and loved her church family. If the doors were open at her church, she was probably there serving.

One of the lessons I learned from my Grandmother was that her quiet and gentle spirit did not mean she was weak or meek. On the contrary, she was hard working, thoughtful, discerning, peaceful, wise in the eyes of the Lord, and strong. She raised five children on her own after my Grandfather died at a young age, took care of her parents, even caring for one as he lived to be 100. I remember her tending her garden, preparing meals for her Father, caring for his home along with hers, worshiping with her choir friends and church family, and caring for her grandchildren.

Her life was not easy, but I never heard her complain. In fact, she always seemed grateful to get to do all that she did. I’m sure she never expected to be a single Mom to five children. She did what she needed to do to provide for them, but had faith that God would take care of her and her family. There lies the true peace behind her quiet spirit. She lived a simple life, not needing much from this world other than her Savior and her family.

When I think of this unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, my Grandmother displayed that spirit in self-giving and loving ways. Her true beauty shined as she lived a life of being the hands and feet of Christ in so many different ways, but most importantly in caring for those she loved.

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1 Peter 3, Romans 7:22

Action Item: How would you define beauty? Is your beauty characterized by the gentle and quiet spirit?

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Dear Father, I’m so thankful that you have given me a precious example of what true beauty is. I pray that I will walk in your Spirit daily, and that my beauty may be gentle and unfading. Amen

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