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Change makes me anxious. What will happen next? Will the change be good? Why is there so much to do? Change is good! That's what I tell myself.

Does August really mean the end of Summer? (Hard to believe as it is 105 degrees outside as I write this post). August always signals change for me. Even when I was out of school and had no kids I still bought school supplies. There's just something about a new notebook, multi-colored pens and the waxy smell of a fresh box of crayons to smooth out any rough edges of transition.

Even if you don't have kiddos heading back to school, you'll wake up one morning and wonder why the school zone lights are blinking and your commute increased fifteen minutes.  You might even start to experience a little frustration or anxiety - because of the change.

Join us at Sow & Gather for the next few weeks for encouragement, stillness and contentment as we all begin the transition to a new season in our lives. Your first dose starts below.

I’ll Get There When I Get There

I am not saying this because I am in need; I have learned to be content in all circumstances. Philippians 4:10 NIV

If the plane doesn’t take off in forty minutes I miss my speaking presentation – the one for a high-profile, national organization. Yeah, that one. God is teaching me about waiting. I know God is good and sovereign and in control.  It's the stress on me and the stress on the folks planning the conference.  “Lord, I pray for their peace, too.”  Waiting is hard on all of us.

I feel like my whole life has been about waiting. When will I be tall enough to ride the ride? When can I drive? When can I date? When can I get married? When will I get to this point or that point in my career? Always waiting for the next thing to happen.


Every time I need to be on time and I'm running late, I tell myself, "I will get there when I get there." You know what? I need to apply that phrase to my whole life.  "I'll get there when I get there."  The world calls that "living in the moment."

It goes back to the Apostle Paul being content in all situations. Jesus taking time to stop when the woman touched his garment. It's realizing we need to just breathe. That's hard for me. God does not want us to be stagnant. He wants us to experience growth in all areas of our lives. For me it's finding the balance between constantly pressing forward to the next great thing and being still enough in my soul and mind to hear God's voice as He directs my footsteps.

At last, the plane is taking off. I trust "I will get there, when I get there."

Dig Deeper |

Matthew 9: 20-22; Philippians 4:10-13

Action Item |

Take a moment just to breathe deep and relax.  Ask God to identify an area of your life where you need to be content and enjoy the moment.  Or, maybe God has called you to action and you're scared to take the next step.

Prayer |

Dear Heavenly Father, help me to slow down and hear your voice. I know you want a conversation with me. Make me aware of your creation and allow me to soak it all in.  Help me to take a deep breath and have every confidence that I will get there when I get there.

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