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What is a Happy Harvest?

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happy harvest

“May God give you more and more grace and peace as you grow in your knowledge of God and Jesus our Lord.”  2 Peter 1:2 (NLT)

During the month of October, have you ever seen a sign that reads, “Happy Harvest?” My path must have crossed that wish over 1000 times without any thought until recently. Browsing through a local hobby/craft store (don’t get the wrong idea, I simply cannot do crafts), I noticed a pumpkin that read, “Happy Harvest.” Reflecting my cynical mood, I thought, “What in the world is happy harvest? What does that even mean?” Moving on to the project at hand, I proceeded to forget about that strange wish, but I continued to be perplexed.

Questions came to my mind as I reflected on the interesting wish: Why would I ever wish someone a happy harvest? Have I been missing a special wish in my life for 50 years? Do I need to go buy Happy Harvest cards? Are my children scarred because I haven’t taught them about this oh- so-special greeting? The moment required a conversation with one of my closest advisers, GOOGLE!

Many reasons support October being called the Harvest Month in the United States of America. First, many crops such as pumpkins, vegetables, and apples, are harvested during this month. Each of these crops are planted early in the year and they grow throughout the summer. Second, the full harvest moon is experienced every third year in October. This moon is important for farmers because they can work into the night harvesting their crops during that time. Many other reasons came to my Google- sized search, but I was satisfied with those.

I give in . . . it is harvest season! But the question still remains, why say, “Happy Harvest?” After several days of mulling that over in my pea-sized brain, I came to the conclusion that harvest is the end of the growing season! After all of the work, after all of the watering, after all of the pruning, the plant is fully grown; the growth stage is complete. There is much to celebrate at that completion!

My excitement could not be contained as I compared this experience with my own personal growth in my relationship with Jesus.

As the knowledge of my precious Jesus increases, the harvesting of more grace and more peace proceeds.

This very year has been a growing one for me. It began with questions, frustrations and discouragement. Resisting the urge to eat Snicker bars and drink coffee all day every day, I began to search through my very special, pages-falling-out, Bible. The very difficult journey required much toil and much effort. Through the process, God, the ultimate farmer, pruned me!

Today, I sit here reaping the harvest of grace and peace. The very circumstances that discouraged me are still present, but I have peace growing all around me. I continue to disappoint myself and have others disappointment me, but the flowers of grace abound.

So, here it goes, “Happy Harvest” to each of you!

May you grow in your knowledge of Jesus. May you open the pages of His beautiful love letter to you. May you sit quietly in prayer with your Maker. May you experience the great harvest of grace and peace.

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Action Item |

As you read this blog, you may find yourself where I was 1 year ago. If so, make a plan to grow in the knowledge of Jesus. Set time aside, even if it is very short, and begin this journey. You will not be disappointed with the Harvest from your growth process. Happy Harvesting!

Prayer |

God, I come before you tody needing the harvest of grace and peace. Give me the strength and the courage to put effort into knowing You more. God, help me with my schedule and give me the determination to commit to knowing You. Thank You that after much growing, You will give me more and more grace and peace. Amen.

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