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Do I Turn Away?

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They spit on him, and took the staff and struck him on the head again and again…Then they led him away to crucify him. Matthew 27: 30, 31b

I really do not like scary movies or movies with lots of blood and guts.  I watch NCIS on Tuesday nights, ready to close my eyes at any time.  I even have trouble watching Funniest Home Videos.  That show almost always involves falling, crashing, breaking and getting hurt.  It just makes me feel bad.  That’s just me. 

Knowing that about me, it’s reasonable that I struggle with the physical pain and suffering Jesus endured during crucifixion.  You’ve read the scriptures and then, of course, seen the movies.  I can hear the powerful pounding of the mallet against the spikes as they cut through muscle and wood.  Then there is the sound of the cross, heavy with the body of Christ, being dropped into the hole.  Thud.  Jesus had no way to physically brace Himself against the tearing of His skin and muscle with that jolt from horizontal to vertical.  Excruciating.   I turn off the TV, close my eyes or walk out of the room with fingers in my ears saying, “lalala” to drown out the sound.  I scan over the scripture as I read.  It’s far too painful to think about.  

However, sometimes I need to stop and remember why Jesus endured this terrible physical and spiritual pain.  Sin.  My sin and the sin of all mankind that came with a cost. There are no freebies.   

I heard a person very precious to me say, “God is so big and powerful that He knows we can’t obey him.  God’s not going to put us in time out.”  My sweet friend left out the part about the Perfect, Holy and Righteous God who cannot look on sin.  Jesus was the sacrifice for my sin…my “time out” that separated me from God. 

Looking through the eyes of God, not my frail, physical eyes, the external pain of the cross looks different.  I can see the total love and sacrifice of a Savior…for me, for you.  I can stop covering my eyes and turning away.  I can confess with deep sorrow the sins in my life.  Then I can delight in the joyful truth of the Resurrection and life everlasting with Jesus, who paid it all on the cross…for me, for you. 

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Do I gloss over my own sin in my time with the Lord?  Do I remember that God takes sin seriously?  Ask Jesus to be your personal Savior. 

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Matthew 27:27-44; Philippians 2:6-11  

Prayer |

Thank you, Heavenly Father, for the Cross and the Resurrection.  Your love for me, revealed though You allowing Your son, Jesus, to die a painful death, is beyond my understanding.  Help me Father to continue to confess my sin and seek You in all that I do.  Thank you for loving me.  Amen. 

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