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Mary Magdalene went to the disciples with the news: “I have seen the risen Lord!” And she told them that he had said these things to her.  John 20:18 NIV

Isn’t it fun to share great news with your family and friends? I get all excited and feel like I am about to explode with joy. The news may be about a new job, an engagement, a baby, an excellent score on a test, a new car or even an encouraging word received from a teacher or boss. I want to share the news with everyone so they can experience it with me. 

Mary Magdalene had a similar experience. Mary was from the town of Magdala, which means tower or castle. She was a lady of means and encountered Jesus when He healed her of seven demons. After being healed, she followed Jesus, listening to His teachings and even supporting Him with her wealth. She watched when He was hung on a cross for our wrongdoings and followed Jesus to His own grave. Her grief was unthinkable!! 

But after three days, she went to His tomb and found it empty. And suddenly Mary came face to face with Jesus, the risen Savior. He was alive and appeared to her first, a woman. He comforted Mary and told her to go tell the good news of His resurrection to His followers. Jesus, her friend and God, was alive!!! 

Well, guess what? 

Just like Mary, we have the privilege of telling others about Jesus’ death, the forgiving of our wrong-doings, and His resurrection, the victory over death and the ability to reside with Him in heaven. This message is for everyone! 

My part is to recognize that Jesus did die and rise for me personally. Upon this realization I can place my faith in Jesus and also experience Him as my God and friend. 

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John 20:10-18 

Action Item |

Place faith in Jesus and go tell others!! 

Prayer |

Dear resurrected Jesus, You are God and You died and rose for me. I recognize You as my Savior and place my faith in You. Help me to share Your life with everyone. Amen. 

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