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Got Skills? Use Them!

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Deborah, a prophetess, the wife of Lappidoth, was leading Israel at that time. She held court under the Palm of Deborah in Ephraim, and the Israelites came to her to have their disputes decided. Judges 4:4-5 NIV

Have you ever wondered what your name means? Well, I was curious about mine so I decided to google it and discovered that it means “youth.” I’m not quite sure it fits me, but it is definitely an interesting fact and a potential conversation-starter. 

There was a woman, Deborah, whose name meant “bee, like a honey bee” who was a wife, prophetess and judge over Israel.  God would speak to her and reveal Himself and His will; Deborah would then relay His judgments and commands to the people. One such command was given to Barak, the military commander. He was told to destroy the enemy who had oppressed Israel for 20 years. However, Barak would not go without Deborah to engage in battle. After some thought, she consented to go and Barak was able to obliterate the enemy. 

What an amazing story.  

God used a woman whose name means “bee” and gave her the perfect skills and talents for this situation. She was able to discern God and His ways, be a judge who held court under a palm and go to battle to support the commander. Wow! 

And we are just like Deborah. God has given each of us skills and talents as well. True, we might not be a judge or a leader but we are commanded to use those gifts God has given us. You might be skilled in singing, writing letters of encouragement, visiting shut-ins, preparing a meal, leading a study or just babysitting children. 

Whatever skills God has given you, use them just as Deborah, the bee, did! 

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Judges 4-5 

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Use your talents and skills. 

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Dear Skill and Talent Giver, Thank You for those gifts You have given me. Help me to use them to serve others. In Jesus’ name, Amen. 

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