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In What Do You Delight?

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Delight yourself in the LORD and He will give you the desires of your heart. Psalm 37:4 NIV

Do you have children that are involved in extracurricular activities? Do you try to attend every event and activity they are a part of to encourage them and show them how much you love them? Along with these activities come the fundraisers, especially the fundraising suppers to create extra money for the group.  

This spring my son had one of those fundraiser suppers for the band at his high school.  My husband and I decided to attend and we purchased our tickets beforehand. As we were handing the tickets over to grab our supper, we were asked if we wanted to enter a drawing for various eateries in the area. At first I was not interested, but a prize for a gift certificate at a local restaurant that serves scrumptious breakfast caught my eye.  Yes, we wanted to enter and we received a few tickets with numbers printed on them. 

After enjoying our supper and gabbing with our friends, the drawing began. As in all contests, there was excitement and disappointment by all participating. But, I was waiting patiently for the one gift certificate for that special restaurant.  

Finally, the next drawing was the one I’d been waiting for. In that moment, I prayed a few short sentences.  I asked God to allow me to obtain the gift certificate. I told him I wanted it. Please God?  

In that instant my number was called and I won the gift certificate! Woohoo!! God answered my short prayer and gave me the desire of my heart.  I stood up with excitement and dashed to the front to grab the certificate.  I laughed out loud and yelled, “Alright!!!” 

I ran back to the table and in my excitement told everyone that I had prayed to Jesus. I had asked for the certificate and He said “ yes!”  He truly is an awesome God.  He gives us more than we ever need, and He loves to give us the desires of our heart. 

What happened next surprised me. My friends at the table asked me to pray for them to win, too. Isn’t that interesting? I prayed. God gave me my desire and I was able to share Jesus to all those around me. 

He is a delightful God. 

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James 5:13-16

Action Item: 

Do you pray? When you pray, do you ask just for your needs or for your desires as well? Go ahead, ask.

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Dear Jesus, You are truly an incredible God. Thank You for allowing me to talk with You through prayer. Let me never forget, You answer our prayers. You provide for our needs and at times, You delight in fulfilling our desires.  Amen.

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