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Are You A Sweet Talker?

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Kind words are like honey, sweet to the soul and healthy for the body. Proverbs 16:24 NLT

The bees buzzed in unison as the big metal vat twirled on its axis. I watched the golden liquid spin free of the comb and drip into a container. Those are the vivid images I have of my father and his buddies extracting honey out of the combs from our personal bee hives. The hives lined the perimeter of our garden and were always active with little yellow and black honey bees. In the late summer, the comb was harvested from the hives and brought into our garage where the honey was separated. 

I love honey. I had honey in Australia that was a deep, dark brown and honey from Tennessee that was light as sun beams and tasted like clover. Honey is flavored by the flower pollen the bees capture in their daily flights. Since bees don't travel more than about two miles from their home hive, local honey will always be flavored by what is in bloom in the bee's flight path.  We now know that local honey is great for combating allergies. You get a little daily dose of allergy medicine with each spoonful of sweetness. 

Imagine the full circle impact of a bee. First, the beauty and sweetness of the flower's nectar attract the bee, then the bee gathers and circulates the pollen to other plants, and takes it back to the hive. The end result of the cycle is delicious honey that is good for your body. 

I think about my daily flight path and wonder what impact or flavor I impart to those around me. Am I spreading love and kindness or something else? Are my words and actions building others up or knocking them down? 

The Bible tells us that kindness is a sign of the Holy Spirit at work in Christians (Galatians 5:22). This is not something that manifests itself as random acts of kindness, or sending good vibes out into the universe. If you are a Christian, kindness should be an ingrained and intentional part of your daily life. For some people kindness just comes hard-wired. Others will need to work with the Holy Spirit to develop the trait.  

What does kindness even look like? I can't imagine showing kindness without also demonstrating love. Look at the examples of Jesus interacting with children, Jesus eating with those the world considered "less than," Jesus stopping what he was doing to respond to a person in need. Kindness starts first with paying attention to those around you and assessing their need. Their need might be a kind word or help returning their shopping cart in the grocery parking lot. 

Jesus' kindness wasn't random; it was intentional.  

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Luke 15:1-10; Acts 28:1-2      

Action Item |

Today be intentional about doing at least one kind act. 

Prayer |

Dear Heavenly Father, I pray that Your merciful kindness be for my comfort and for those around me. Help me to listen and observe so that I see the needs of others. Show me how to love those in my path and show kindness daily. Lord, I know that Your truth and kindness will endure forever. Amen.         

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