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Be Thankful…or…Suffer Indigestion!

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You are my God, and I will give you thanks; you are my God, and I will exalt you. Psalm 118:28 NIV

As my kids were growing up, my husband and I wanted to teach them how to pray before meals.  We started with short, repetitious prayers, and then led them to longer, more personable ones. Our intent was to teach them how to be thankful to God for the food He had provided. However, if we forgot and began to eat without praying, my husband would jokingly say that we would all have indigestion because our food wasn’t blessed. 

Well, it wasn’t long before my kids started scoffing at my husband’s remarks. They informed him that the Bible clearly does not say you must pray and thank God before you eat .And, furthermore, you will not acquire indigestion!! 

The Bible doesn’t specifically address praying before you eat, or suffering consequences if you fail to pray. However, we do read how Jesus prayed and thanked God before He ate his last meal (Matthew 26) and in I Thessalonians 5, we are told to give thanks in all circumstances. 

God wants us to thank and praise Him in everything. He desires us to be thankful before we eat, for our spouse, for our children and for simple pleasures like air conditioning. We should also thank Him for his love, joy, everlasting peace and forgiveness. And during those times of suffering and pain, thank Him for His provision and His strength, which helps you in those moments of crisis. 

So, give Him thanks because He is God!! 

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Matthew 26:17-30, Luke 9:12-17 

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Intentionally pray and thank God before you indulge in breakfast, lunch and supper today. 

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Jesus, You are God. Thank you! Thank you for the material blessings you have provided and for those blessings which will last forever. In God’s name, Amen 

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