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Wait Expectantly!

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I the LORD do not change. Malachi 3:6 NIV 

It was the fall of the year and the seasonal change was all around as I sat in our one-room farm school, looking over the fields ripe with corn, waiting to be harvested. Suddenly the teacher said, “Next week, boys and girls, you will have a holiday.” Holiday…sure! I knew it was the time to harvest rocks laying in the rows of corn waiting to be harvested by my family-- the corn that would pay for our family’s food in the year to come. 

Ironically, today I am a rock collector. There are rocks resting inside and outside my home from countries near and far. They are a reminder of our God in Psalms 18:1-2, telling us He is our rock, fortress, rescuer, shelter, strength. He never changes through summer, winter or spring, in times of pain, sorrow or joy. He delights to pick us up and carry us. He delights in our quiet moments of the day as we rest in Him, and He loves us with an everlasting love. These rocks are a reminder of many who are dead in their souls, waiting to be picked up, ripe for the harvest. Remember, God is that grace and strength needed to change the dead into life, just as He did for you and me on Calvary. 

P.S. Pick up a rock today! 

Digging Deeper |

Psalm 31:3; Psalm 110:4; Romans 8:38-39 

Action Item |

Wait expectantly for a rock in your path. 

Prayer |

Lord, give us eyes to see the opportunities You place in our way each day.  Give us hands and feet willing to accomplish the purpose You lay before us each day, the sharing of Your Gospel.  And thank You, Lord, for entrusting us with the awesome privilege of reflecting Your love through our lives. Amen 

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