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Let Me Hear You Shout!

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“Shout with joy to God all the earth! Sing the glory of his name; make his praise glorious!” Psalm 66:1-2 NIV

When was the last time you shouted? Maybe you shouted today in your car at the driver who pulled in front of you without using a signal. If you’re like me, you shout anytime you have to use one of those automated voice answering services over the phone. My kids like to laugh at me as I fumble through the options yelling “CUSTOMER SERVICE,” over and over until I’m blue in the face and a live person answers my call for help! 

Ok, so there are many examples of negative shouting we can think of, but when was the last time you shouted for joy? Could it have been as recently as last week at your kid’s game when they made a great play? Was it in the privacy of your home when your favorite sports team won the big game?  

The word “shout” is found in 28 verses, 18 chapters and 13 books of the Bible. It is obviously an important word, used throughout scripture. More significantly, it’s a verb that communicates action. In this particular verse, the word “shout” is used in conjunction with the word “sing”. The author of this chapter is communicating his words through loud singing.  

Do you take time to stop and pray, giving a shout out to God and thanking Him for His amazing grace, and giving Him praise and glory for positive outcomes? Have you ever lifted your voice in song to God, praising and thanking Him for what he has done for you? 

We sing for joy all the time at church (some of us sing a little louder than others), but those songs the worship minister chooses each week are meant for us to use as our praise to God. Too often we tend to sing for our own glory so that others see our participation. Really the reason for us to lift our voices in song is to praise the One who allows us to sing His praises. We should be shouting our praises to God on Sunday morning, not worrying about what others around us will think. 

Have you ever noticed how when you sing your mood changes? Many times we can’t help how a certain song makes us feel. When you sing, you are not only listening to the song but now you are an active participant. God wants us to participate in praising Him. He wants to hear your shouts of joy. He wants you to sing His praises and most importantly, He wants you to make His praise known over all the earth. Let me hear you shout...AMEN! 

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Psalm 47:1; Psalm 35:27; Zephaniah 3:14

Action Item |

Give God a shout out or sing out. Give God the glory for all that He does for you. When you attend church or listen to the radio in your car, sing out to God praising His name.       

Prayer |

Most gracious Heavenly Father, You are awesome! I shout Your name above all other names. You alone are my Creator. I lift You up and praise Your name. You are Great and I stand amazed in Your presence. Thank You for Your grace which overflows. Amen.

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