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Can We Schedule Divine Assignments?

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“Come let us bow down in worship, let us kneel before the LORD our Maker; for he is our God and we are the people of his pasture, the flock under his care.”  Psalm 95:6-7 NIV

Technology has permeated almost every function of daily living, but thankfully, spiral bound, daily planners with tabbed monthly spreads and daily plan sheets are still available. For those folks who love to make lists (like me) and who like to see their life in big square blocks, the planner is a gift. To some the idea of carrying around a planner and writing every detail and task for each day is a nightmare!   

Whether you are one of those who live to organize on paper or via technology, there is a sense of starting fresh each new year. It is exciting and scary to wonder what the year will hold but the truth is our sovereign God already knows. Those blank pages have already been filled with divine assignments, trials and testing, growth, discipleship, seasons of pain, and seasons of joy.

Thankfully, God does not literally fill in our pages but only allows us to see what we need to see when we are ready to see it. If we knew the plan ahead of time, we would try to reorganize it another way or manipulate it to fit our needs and wants. 

The problem is we don’t always see God working in our lives because we have already filled each day of each month with empty, busy things. We have become the authors of our own story. 

The Psalmist says, “Let us bow down in worship, let us kneel before the Lord our Maker.” It is a position of humility that says that there is nothing we can do apart from our Lord. When we bow down, we are to confess our sinfulness and dependence on Him. As someone who can organize one's life down to each hour, dependence can be substituted for self-dependence and not God dependence. Many times the will of self becomes more important than submitting to the will of God.   

Our plans and our desires need to be laid at the foot of the cross. We need to pray that we would “Delight ourselves in the Lord and that He will give us the desires of our heart.” Psalm 37:4 Our desires and our plans need to line up with the ones He has created for us. Only God can course-correct in our hearts to help us delight in what He delights in. 

My new planner is a tool to help me stay organized, but it is also an open book with blank spaces ready and waiting for God to write His assignments. This year my desire is to recognize and praise the God on whom I’m dependent: more God, less self. 

Happy 2017 and Happy Organizing!

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Psalm 95, John 3:16–21

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Have you already filled your year with empty, busy things? Pray that God will change your desires, your plans to line up with His, and that this year may be full of His divine assignments.

Prayer |

Dear Father, please forgive me when I am dependent on myself and try to control the world around me. Give me Your desires and Your ways so I may walk in obedience to Your will. Amen. 

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