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How Can We Sing a New Song?

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#sowandgather #newbeginnings #freshstart He Put A New Song In My Mouth A Song of Praise To Our God Psalm 40:30a

He put a new song in my mouth, a song of praise to our God. Psalm 40:3a  (NASB) 

What a beautiful song of David Psalm 40 is! What amazing imagery of the God who is my Lord. I am completely helpless to even understand my sin and, yet, He tenderly draws me and convicts me of the error in my decisions.   

God's love is so amazing! 

He doesn't need me. He is not incomplete without me. But, I am desperately in need of Him and I am unable to save myself. Pride lurks in my mind tempting me to play a comparison game where I believe I'm better than others. In reality, my thoughts stray and race headlong in a direction opposed to God. I'm a part of humanity and because of that, I don't measure up to God's standard any better than any other person despite what I might portray on Facebook. 

Acknowledging my need and my state as David did in this Psalm, I cry out and plead with God. I know that I am completely at His mercy as to whether or not He will choose to save me. And in verse 1 we see the astounding truth about our Holy, merciful, and gracious God. 

God takes the initiative and bows down to us. 

The Hebrew word indicates that God bends down to us just like you might if you were helping a child. He is the same God who spoke the world into existence from nothing. By His breath He placed every star in the sky and named them. He told the ocean where it's boundaries were and carved the mountains out with His hand. He bent down. He bent so low! He became man and died for me while I was still unaware of my need for Him. He provided my way of rescue.   

Why would God do this? 

He wanted to put a new song in my mouth that would praise Him. A song that David says will cause many people to see and trust in the Lord. Sometimes I think I do things to save myself but that's a lie. I don't have that kind of power.  God, however, does have that power. That's the song I want to sing because it shows my friends that He is capable of saving me and that no one is beyond His power's reach. You, too, can have a new song - one filled with His praise.  Cry out to Him and He will bend to you. 

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Psalm 51; Psalm 139:23-24 

Action Item |

Pray to God that He will show you areas in your life that need to be corrected. Ask Him to help you recognize how He met your need and to fill your heart with concern for others that need Him. 

Prayer |

Oh God, thank you so much for having mercy on me and being gracious to me. Help me, Lord, to be merciful and gracious to those who need You. Help me to be authentic in my speech and in my living that others might see Your ability to change them. In Jesus' name, Amen.

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