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Talk To God. He Will Provide Good Gifts.

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Talk to God. He Will Supply Good Gifts. #sowandgather #mothers

When you open your hands, they are satisfied with good things. Psalm 104:28 NIV

I celebrated my sixteenth Mother's Day earlier this month. My very large teenager struggled to sit on my lap at the kitchen table like he did for so many years as a baby, toddler, and adolescent. It's really become a joke for him to try and sit "Santa Claus" style with me on our faded wooden chairs. He's been too big for a long time. But, for a few moments, I think we both go back to the baby days and what it means for a momma to hold her child.

Of all the gifts my teen could give me, those few seconds of closeness are the most precious. The card and homemade chocolate treats are delightful, but sharing a few seconds or moments so close are the very best.

The time spent discussing homework, projects, and the self-described "disastrous" performance are the good things I cherish. We are at the stage now where we are pulling information out of our teen. At four years old he created sentences with words like cornucopia and plethora. Today, his responses are variations on a grunt.

As I struggle to communicate with a teen, I begin to understand a little bit of how God must feel when we struggle to communicate with Him. I want to talk to God and share with him my hurts and successes. I want to open up, but sometimes a grunt or groin is all I can muster.

I wonder if God is just waiting for me to ask for a few moments on His lap. A few moments to share with him my hopes and dreams. My fears and disappointments. A few moments each day where God can give me "good gifts." I know God has the ability to interpret my grunts and groans, but how much more does God also cherish a conversation with me.

I'm reminded that the "good gifts" I give my son and received from him are not tangible. They are time, a listening ear, a hug, and acceptance. There are so many good things our heavenly Father is ready to provide us if we only take the time to talk to Him and listen to Him.

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Matthew 7:7-11; Exodus 33:7-21

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What "good gift" has God given you this week? Write it down and thank God.

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Dear Heavenly Father, help me to acknowledge and give praise each day for the good gifts you provide to me and my family. Lord, help me to have a conversation with you today and to rest in your arms. Amen.

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