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Are All Seeds Good?

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But He said to them, “Why, are you fearful, O you of little faith.”  Matthew 8:26 NKJV

With spring almost here, thoughts of cleaning up the yard, working in the garden, and spring cleaning fill my mind.  It’s the time of year that seems like the earth is waking up and signs of life are everywhere.  People are talking about what kind of plants they want, and it seems like every nursery is having a sale. 

The possibilities are limitless . . . tulips, daffodils, roses, tiger lilies?  They are all so pretty and would enhance any garden.  On the other hand, I doubt any gardener is considering planting ragweed, deer tongue, bull thistle, or even dodder, which are all common invasive weeds. If they did, it would destroy and take over the otherwise beautiful garden they have tried to cultivate. 

All gardeners know they have to work in their garden every day.  They must be ready to pull up any signs of those nasty weeds that are trying to grow in that good soil.  As a Christian, I must do the same thing.  I must spend time with Jesus in prayer, study His word for wisdom, and try to understand His character and who He is. 

I have determined and purposed to cultivate my life so that I will be more like Him.   

Why then do I plant seeds of doubt and fear in my mind?  They can be just as invasive to my life as ragweed or deer tongue is to a garden.  When I allow doubts and fear to grow, it destroys my peace and causes me to second guess God’s promises.  

Just because I spend time with Jesus, talking to Him in prayer or reading His word, doesn’t mean those doubts and fears won’t sprout every now and then.  I need to be watchful and ready to pull them out at the first sign.  How can I do that?  In a garden, it’s easy-- just pull the weed and throw it away.  Fear is sneaky; sometimes you don’t even realize you are being fearful until you have worked yourself up.  Then, what do you do?  You call it what it is…and replace it with the truth of God’s word.  You keep on doing this until that particular weed is gone.   

Don’t let fear overtake you; cry out right now for Jesus to save you!  Jesus can save you not only from your fears and doubts, but also from the penalty of your sin.  In this season of life springing up from the ground, cry out to the only One who can give you new life.  “There is no name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.” (Acts 4:12)  It is only by the name of Jesus!   

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2 Corinthian 9:6Philippians 4:6-7Hebrews 13:6Psalm 131:1

Action Item |

In what area of your life are the seeds of fear and doubt growing?  Will you cry out to Jesus today and let Him save you? 

Prayer | 

Lord Jesus, help me when I am fearful to run to You.  Show me the areas in my life where I doubt You and give me more faith to trust You. 

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