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Healing through Forgiveness

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Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you. Ephesians 4:32 (NIV) 

Upon graduating from college, I obtained a job with a national public accounting firm. I was delighted when they hired me and thrilled when I became a CPA. However, this excitement began to wane as I started to work long and difficult hours on different projects for various companies. After each project, I would receive an evaluation of my work, informing me of all my strengths and, of course, myweaknesses. 

After one such project, I was asked to come and receive my latest assessment. As the manager handed me my evaluation, which consisted of three 8 ½ x 14 pages, she proceeded to inform me of all my mistakes and weaknesses on this project. She went on and on about all the things I had done wrong. Towards the end of the one-sided conversation, she stopped and stated that I had done one thing well….I was “pleasant.” 

I was shocked, disappointed, frustrated and angry. I was so very angry. After all that hard work on that project, I was told I did only one thing well. What???? 

On my way home, I cried. I cried every night for a whole week.  

Every time I looked at her at work or thought about her, I was angry. These feelings of anger lasted for some time, actually for years after I stopped working with her. 

But in comes my dear Jesus; His word is so sharp and so convicting. Throughout the Bible and especially in the verse above, I am told to forgive. I struggled with this action. I couldn’t forgive her. I was angry and she was wrong!  

But, finally, I did it. I forgave her.  

Once I took that step, Jesus began the healing process in me. I wasn’t angry anymore and could actually think about her without getting angry. For a period of time, I was still hurt, but soon that emotion passed away too.  I eventually became peaceful and I still am. 

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Matthew 18:21-35 

Action Item |

Be obedient and forgive. 

Prayer |

God, Thank you for forgiving me. Help me to forgive others even when I don’t want to. Once I forgive, I know your healing will lead to peace.  Amen. 

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