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Make Your Resolutions With God - Not Alone

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If God is for us then who can be against us? Romans 8:31 (NASB)

Resolution - a word I rarely use or think of until around January 1st. As different goals swirl around in my thoughts, I begin to wonder about the word itself. To determine to do or not to do something. I am struck that I am beginning to learn the meaning of this word. With the weight of achievement resting on my shoulders, despair begins to slither in because I cannot accomplish what is before me. Where despair might have overwhelmed me, hope rushes in swallowing the despair with the knowledge that I don't have to resolve it alone. Those original conclusions were born out of self-centered thought instead of God-centered truth. I have a glorious Warrior. He resolves to fight my battles and gives me a chance to join Him.

I am reminded of the first time that I went to the beach. The day was stormy and, honestly, we should not have gone. But my dad didn't want us to be disappointed. The last brave soul snorkeling exited the water just as we arrived. The wind whipped around us and the waves were surging. We were not in the ocean more than thirty minutes when he said we needed to get out.

It had been my dad's first experience in the ocean, as well, and he had been unaware of the dangerous undertow that was occurring below the surface. He happened to be standing on the edge of a shelf and held me up to keep me above the water. While still hanging on to me, he began to encourage me to swim to the shore with the tide. As I paddled with each wave, the sand would be ripped out from under his toes. He thought we were going to drown because he was not able to get a secure foothold. He fought to get me to the shore and because I was obedient, I was fighting with him even though I was unaware of the danger.

Just like the story, my life is filled with struggles that surge and choke. At times it can seem that my last toehold isn't enough to keep me in the game. But God is always there. He invites me to battle alongside of Him, to resolve to surrender to His call, and to trust that He is my Defender. With Him I can accomplish what once seemed impossible.

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Ephesians 6:11-20

Action Item |

Make one resolution that you have prayed over and God is leading you to do. When difficulties come, determine to work through them to a solution and fight on for His glory.

Prayer |

God, show me what you want me to change this year. Guide my steps and when trials come, please fill me with the strength and courage to fight the good fight. In Jesus name, Amen.

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