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God Will Begin Something New In Me

New BeginningsMarci AnthonyComment

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Genesis 1:1

Many years ago my entire extended family sat around a large dining table and shared our New Year’s meal together. My father announced that the annual reading of the year-end report would take place; a report that my father compiles including all of the details from the year. After we reminisced about the year’s occurrences, my father asked each of us to make a commitment for the year. Each of the family shared important life goals, some deeply spiritual, bringing many of us to tears.

It came time for my young son to share what his deep felt commitment would be. I beamed as he began to share. My pride quickly dwindled as I heard his pronouncement. He said, “This year my commitment is to quit biting my fingernails.” I know, this sounds like a good goal; however, there was one problem with the commitment: HE HAD NEVER, EVER BIT HIS NAILS. His response, “I just want to make sure I can do what I commit to.”

I sit here this year at 50 years old and I am tempted to venture down the same path as my son. It would be oh so easy to make a public commitment that sounded so very life changing when I am actually already doing it. At least my self-esteem would be improved.

How precious that the God of the universe does not have the same attitude. As I reflect on that very first chapter in the Bible, I am astounded that in the beginning of time, God spoke, created, and blessed. This pattern continues throughout the Bible. All the way through God’s word, the incredible God of the universe sees a need. He speaks a solution. He creates something new. And yes, then he blesses the ending.

The year 2016 is a new beginning yet again. In my own weak power, I can tell you before it even begins, that I will probably fail at most of the huge goals I make for myself. I will commit to losing weight, probably won’t. I will commit to being organized, probably won’t. I will commit to richer experiences and much more patience, probably won’t happen. BUT God, who sits on his throne in heaven and yet still walks with me every moment, will begin something new in me. HE WILL see my need. HE WILL create something new in me. HE WILL bless me.

Oh this indescribable gift of a God who begins again with me every year.

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Avoid the draw to make unrealistic goals for the year. Instead commit yourself to the God who will begin for you and in you. Is there an area in your life that needs improving? Resist the urge to work on it alone. Ask God to see you, create in you, and bless you.

Prayer |

Dear God, you are the creator of all. God, you can see all and I thank you for seeing me. God I ask that you see my heart. Lord, examine my motivations and thoughts. God, I ask that you see my need and create something beautiful in my life in spite of my weak, insecure self. Thank you Lord, in advance, for the new beginning you will create in me in 2016. Amen.

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