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Fighting The Right Fight

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 The Lord will fight for you, you need only to be still. Exodus 14:14 (NIV)

Does obligation determine your decisions and commitments at times? I am continually haunted by making decisions and even huge time commitments because I simply feel it is the “right thing to do.”

One such obligatory commitment plagued me last weekend. Our church family was going to attend a movie together called The War Room. The weekend was filled with activities, my husband had a work function, and I simply was exhausted. But because of my great sense of responsibility (or so I thought) I joined the group and went to the movie. I, of course, thought, “at least I will get some delicious popcorn out of this.”

Little did I know that even wrong motives can bring us to a life changing moment. Yes, I said life changing. The message of this movie radically has changed me. I will not go into detail about the movie (however, I must say, it is a must see for anyone who believes in Jesus!), but my favorite quote was by an elderly woman named Clara. In instructing a younger woman who was having difficulty in her family, she said, “Baby, you are fighting the wrong fight.” Clara proceeded to give the young woman instruction in how to fight for her family through prayer.

After this life changing message, I came home determined to fight the right fight for my family. I have always prayed for my children, my husband and needs of friends. However, this movie challenged me to fight in a new way, by creating my own “war room.” As described in this movie, a war room is a small room with no distractions where you can kneel before the Lord and literally fight for your family and friends.

Our downstairs closet got an overhaul! Everything was stripped from the room and I posted Bible verses written on poster board on the walls. The names of all of my loved ones are on note cards along with the names of people who have my prayer commitment. While I have always considered myself a fighter, I fear I have been fighting the wrong battles.

I challenge you to join the movement to “fight the right fight!” Pick a small place. Take away every distraction. Avoid the temptation to make it cute/pretty! Grab a cushion for kneeling and start fighting with me, in a quiet, still place before the Lord. Dear sweet sisters, when we do this, our Lord will fight for us!

Dig Deeper |

2 Corinthians 10:3-5; Ephesians 6:10-18

Action Item |

You are challenged to create your own war room! It is time that we, as women, mothers, employees, and employers join together, across the world and fight the right fight together.

Prayer |

Dear Jesus, give me the courage to fight the right for my family. Give me the courage to get my schedule in order. Jesus, help me to prioritize my time before you. Amen.

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