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God's Harvest is Not Limited by the Season

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To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven. Ecclesiastes 3:1 (KJV).

Tomatoes the size of saucers and red as a fire engine are not harvested in October in Tennessee. I never grasped a Fall harvest growing up because our garden was barren come September. The Big Boys were eaten or canned, the Silver Queen corn had long since been shucked. Harvest was over just as the world was telling me to celebrate the season.

I didn't understand all the grain crops that reach their full potential in the Fall. Now I also know that citrus is so much the sweeter (or tart) at Christmas-time because it's picked in November.

While there may be a prime growing season for my Momma's tomatoes, God is not limited by the seasons when it comes to bringing people to know Christ. For the month of October, the contributors of Sow & Gather are visiting what "harvest" means to them.

Join us as we explore the acts of fellowship and resting. Be ready to examine the Fruits of the Spirit and learn how to recognize treasure here on earth.

I look forward to this season of Harvest. I anticipate with gladness the provision God makes for our families and for the salvation of those to come. Join us on our journey of sowing God's word and gathering women's hearts.

Happy Fall and Happy Harvest!

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Ecclesiastes 3

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Have you ever picked fruits or veggies from the garden? Who were you with? See if you and your family can visit a pumpkin patch or apple orchard and harvest fruit together.

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Dear Heavenly Father - I praise your name. I give thanks for my Momma and her garden. I pray for the harvest of souls that you have planned. Guide me today in planting and watering seeds for your Harvest. Amen.

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