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What Do You Do When God Says No?

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Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. Matthew 7:7 NIV

A few years ago my husband and I along with two of our very close couple friends had the privilege of being pregnant at the same time. Our three children were to be born just months apart. Wow!! It was so exciting to share the pregnancy together and discuss, not only the physical part of the pregnancy, but also our children’s appearances, personalities and the friendships that were to develop as they grew.

Over the course of the first few months, we prayed together and asked our dear Jesus for good health for each of us new mothers and also for the good health for our developing babies.

After one of the monthly visits to the doctor, one of our pregnant friends came with some unsettling news. Her baby had a major medical issue. What? No way!! This was devastating news for me so I became even more intentional about seeking and praying to Jesus about the health of their son.

I knew that Jesus answered prayer and I truly believed that the answer this time would be “yes.” Jesus would heal their son and make him whole. He would be a beautiful, healthy baby boy.

The day came for his birth and their precious baby was born. His birth was so exciting, but yet so scary. Minutes after he arrived, he was transported into surgery to repair his little broken body. At that moment Jesus answered our prayers, my prayers. God’s answer was “no.”

Lord, you said no! I just couldn’t believe it . . . .

I had asked and sought after God and believed He would heal this child. He would be complete and would be playing with my own son in the future. In fact, in my mind’s eye I could see them together.

Needless to say this event made me stop and pray again. This time I knocked very loudly. I cried out to God and asked him to help me understand His answer.

This was God’s gentle response: I should continue to pray. He will answer when I ask, seek and knock. He will reply with a "yes, no or wait."

Only this time God answered, and said, “No!!”

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Jeremiah 33:3; Psalm 17:6

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Pray today with expectation. When you pray and God doesn’t answer as you expected, what will your response be?

Prayer |

Jesus, you are a wonderful God. You desire interaction with us and You want us to pray. When we pray and begin to share with You, help us to know You will definitely answer. And when Your answer is “no,” help us to respond in faith. Amen.

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