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Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus. I Thessalonians 5:16-18.

Of course God wants me to have what will make me happy.

Those words crossed my mind in a flash. My eye, like Eve's was on the apple and Satan was saying, "Do it; it feels good. God wants you to be happy."

This was a reality check about coffee.  People, coffee.  I have ongoing discourses with Satan about stopping coffee. (Drinking coffee is fine. I just have a little bit of an addiction issue that God is working on when it comes to me and coffee).

If Satan is going to tell me lies about coffee - you know he's got some whoppers for other issues.

Or, maybe they aren't whoppers. Perhaps Satan works best in the small things.  The seemingly innocent day-to-day events where we make choices. They aren't bad or illegal. But, still individual choices that don't honor God.

I think we've all been caught on a "path" called a "slippery slope." Once you start down a path that's a little off course it gets harder and harder to recover. Subsequent decisions just keep you sliding down that slope. I've been on a few slippery slopes - literally. If you don't have traction or something to cling to, you will start to fall.

As a hiker, I know I need boots with rugged grooves on the bottom to get traction on a slippery slope. I even need trekking poles to put out in front of each step to guide my path. I use these tools to navigate the less than ideal path.

When I start down the slippery slope of thinking, "It will make me happy; of course God wants me to be happy." I need to find my spiritual hiking boots and trekking poles and change course.  My spiritual traction comes from God's word. I've got to get a grip on God or I'll be tumbling head first down that slope. God gives us tools to avoid that slope or change course if we've started sliding.

We're to treasure His word in our hearts. At first I thought that verse was only about scripture memory. It's about so much more. Friends, we need to marinate in God's word. We need to soak it in and taste it. Yes, taste it. Roll it around in your mouth, breathe deeply the aroma of God's goodness.

Have a chat window open to God at all times. Pray continually. This is sometimes harder for me than soaking up His words. Satan seems to always be pinging me for a conversation (and my inner voice seems to chat it up with him). 

As soon as you recognize you are on that slippery slope, stop and grab God. God is your traction. Keep the line of communication open at all times.  Pray and listen to God's response. He will always provide a way out, over or thru the obstacle you are facing.

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Psalm 119

Action Item |

Ask God to help you recognize your slippery slopes. Marinate on a verse from the Dig Deeper section and write out the verse in your own words.

Prayer |

Dear Father, You know I'm human and I have human cravings and desires. Desires for things that may not be bad, but perhaps are not the best choice for me today. Give me the awareness to avoid ever stepping foot on a path the takes me away from you. If I am already on that slippery slope, help me to recognize it immediately and grab you for traction. Amen.

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P.S. As of the date of posting the author has been off caffeinated coffee for two weeks. She keeps having to begin again. Fortunately, no loved ones or co-workers have been injured in the withdrawal.

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