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God Hears Generations of Prayers

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Pray without ceasing. I Thessalonians 5:17 (NASB)

Pray without ceasing.  My eyes glide over those three little words and swoosh I am standing on my granny's steps to her back door.

Eekeekeek!  The screen door drew back and there stood my Granny.  Her strong arms reached out to draw me into her rotund build while she uttered, "I've been so hungry to see ya'!"  Smells of smoky bacon, spicy pinto beans, and sweet cornbread filled her kitchen.  She was famous for her chocolate gravy which every grand kid adored.  The rich, deep, luscious taste of cocoa on a buttered sweet biscuit was harmony in the mouth. 

The twinkle in her eye gave away to her ornery nature, and she loved to laugh. She escorted me over to sit on the treasured 1950's yellow step-stool chair where she regaled me with stories of meeting my grandpa who lived "just over the hill."   She talked about how young they were when they got married. They had so little they lived in her in-law's barn their first year.


She spoke of her children who she loved so dearly that each year for their birthday, she baked a quarter in their piece of cake.  Mostly though she told of her faith and how it had been the constant in life that sustained her.  She took me into her bedroom and showed me the rug that graced the wooden floor. She explained that was where she spent many hours kneeling in prayer. 

She told me how grandpa did not know Jesus when she married him, and how her boys followed in his wake.  In desperation she prayed fervently for them. 

She said prayer is the key to a faith-filled life.

I sit here overwhelmed with love for my granny that passed in 1992. You see, on that rug in a town so small the population was unknown, my legacy of faith began.  It began because she prayed for my dad who was one of her boys that would later come to know Jesus. He would pass the torch of faith to me. A flame that would then also fall on my children.  It reminds me that no prayer is too small or insignificant. 

God hears me when I pray. He brings to my memory people to pray over. He convicts me to confess, and He prompts me to praise Him every day. If not for my granny on that old worn rug, my kids might not know Christ at all. 

Prayer is the dining table of my faith where Jesus sits down with me.  It's the place where I find hope for eternal answers to my deep spiritual questions. 

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Ephesians 3:14-21; John 6:44

Action Item | 

Do you pray for people you think of during the day?  Pray for those who come to mind both those lost and Christians friends in need.

Prayer |

Thank you God for opening the way so we can talk to you.  Help us not to miss the opportunities each day to pray for the lost, pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ, confess our shortcomings, and praise You with our whole heart.  Remind us that You are a great God and that You long to spend time with us. Amen.

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