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A Christmas Prayer For You

Advent 2015Marci AnthonyComment

For this reason I bow my knees before the Father….so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith; and that you, being rooted and grounded in love, may be able to comprehend with all the saints what is the breadth and length and height and depth, and to know the love of Christ which surpasses knowledge, that you may be filled up to all the fullness of God. Ephesians 3:14, 17-19 (NASB) 

Christmas looms in the near future. Decorations have filled our homes with wonder. Festivities have dominated our schedules. Preparations for the “big day” are being made as grocery lists are prepared and schedules are coordinated. Gifts have been mostly purchased. WE ARE ALMOST READY TO DO THIS THING! 

But are we really? As we have celebrated advent these past few weeks, we have tasted peace, hope and joy. This week we have gotten a glimpse of the amazing love of Jesus. So here we sit needing to understand and grasp this indescribable love. 

My dear friends, this is your time, your time to rest in the presence of love. Jesus draws us to HIM in this very moment. Using the verse above as our guide, let’s bow our hearts before Jesus and get prepared for the celebration of love. 

Dear Jesus, 

I bow my knees before you. 

While I am not on my knees physically, my heart is bowed humbly before you because I know the greatness and power in your name. 

I pray that you will continue to strengthen my faith. Jesus dwell in my heart. 

I ask you Jesus to ground me in your love. As I approach this holiday season, plant my roots so deeply in your love, so that I am able to care for all that are in my presence. 

Jesus, help me to comprehend your love. Oh my precious Jesus, I celebrate the fact that you came down to earth and died for my sins. I celebrate your love. Your love is so expansive; help me to understand how far-reaching it truly is. 

Oh, most importantly Jesus, help me to be filled up with the fullness of God this Christmas season. God, allow Christmas 2015, to be the most full of all seasons. Reign in my heart. Reign in my family. Amen. 

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Ephesians 3

Additional Liturgical Advent Readings | 

Micah 5:2-5a; Psalm 80:1-7Hebrews 10:5-10Luke 1:39-45, 46-55

Action Item |

I beseech you to take the time to draw near to Jesus today and celebrate the love that He brings. Make a plan to carve out some time to sit in Jesus’ presence. 

Prayer |

Use the prayer above. 

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