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Snow White Thanksgiving - We Are Washed As White As Snow

ThanksgivingMarci AnthonyComment

I will enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise. Psalm 100:4 (NASB)

Thanksgiving was an extended family affair for my home. Each holiday we would cram into our blue Pontiac with plastic seat covers. Pillows, suitcases, cinnamon-clove wafting pumpkin pie, toys, hanging clothes . . . there was barely enough room to squeeze in, but enough room that my brother and I had a dividing line.  The kind of line that we weren't to cross or swift reprimand would follow. We traveled like this for four hours so when we arrived, it was like releasing caged animals into the wild. 

I was an outside girl so I immediately would head to my grandparent's front lawn where many one hundred year old oak trees stood. In the fall, the ground would be covered in leaves and acorns. The leaves were often wet from fall rains and had begun to decompose and decay giving them a pungent, earthy smell.  Being the tomboy, I loved raking these multicolored offerings into piles I jumped into without reserve. I usually came out with bits of leaves clinging to my naturally curly hair. The moisture which was a deep rich brown often stained my clothes and was virtually impossible to wash out. 

One such Thanksgiving as the aunts and uncles and grandchildren gathered, it began to snow. Since snow was not common at that time of year, the grand kids took turns pressing close to the window glass hoping to see the round cracker-sized flakes fall. Excitement hummed as the children were hopeful to play in the snow.  

As the house awoke to my granny's favorite alarm of a metal spoon and cast iron skillet, the kids rushed to see what had happened in the night. Mounds and mounds of beautiful, pure white snow lay softly on the ground. I thought it was the most beautiful sight. The dead, decaying leaves which made me dirty had been covered by such beauty that sparkled in the sun.

It was a snow white Thanksgiving! 

Much like this story, my life before Christ was stained and filthy. Without treatment of His precious blood, I would not be clean. I had a life filled with death and decay that needed only what the Savior could give. Oh, but what great joy when on the day that I trusted Him to save me, He softly laid His beautiful pure righteousness over me. So when I enter His gates, I am thankful because where I stood rejected, I now have acceptance. Where I was called an enemy, now I am called a friend. Where I once was judged, now I am not condemned. Where I once was dead, I now am alive.

Where once I wore filthy rags, I now wear white that shines like stars in the universe.       

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Isaiah 1:18-19; 2 Corinthians 5:21; Romans 8:1 

Action Item | 

When was the last time you remembered to thank God for His grace towards you through Jesus Christ? Think of all it cost Him so you could have life. 

Prayer | 

Thank you Lord for Your saving grace and for covering me with Your righteousness. Thank You for doing for me what I could not do for myself. Help me not forget what it cost You to give me freedom from sin and death. Give me courage to share with others this tremendous gift of life. Amen.

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