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Advent 2015: Christ Is A Life-Bringing Wind

Advent 2015Marci Anthony2 Comments

Lead me in Your truth and teach me, for You are the God of my salvation; for You I will wait all the day long. Psalm 25:5  (NASB)

Dear Friends,

For the next four weeks, the contributors at Sow & Gather will be celebrating Advent, a practice often observed in the liturgical church. Advent means the arrival of a notable person. Since our lives are lived between the events of Christ's birth and His coming again, the writing will be focused on these two occurrences. We will spotlight four aspects: 

  • Week 1:  Hope that creates anticipation at Jesus Christ's birth and His second coming;
  • Week 2:  Peace secured at these events that brings rest;
  • Week 3:  Joy that cannot be lost, and
  • Week 4:  Love that will not fail. How should Christ's birth compel us to live knowing He will return?

We hope you will join us each week to prepare your heart as we enter into the Christmas season. Below you will find the first of a series of three on hope.

February. A deep winter month for Arkansas and as much as I enjoyed the snow we received, I always looked with anticipation towards March. For February with its stiff yellow-brown grass and trees that looked like a standing pile of sticks only spoke of death. But March, yes, March had a different voice. It brought a beautiful, spring zephyr (a soft, gentle wind) that would blow across the fields whispering with the hope of renewed life. Zings of energy would pulse through me as excitement built because I knew what was coming. An explosion of green that captured the eye and had a story to tell.

Every day I journeyed up the rolling hills at our home in the Ozarks. As I peeked out across the sprawling terrain, I looked with hope for the first signs of vibrant green. Haunting questions of doubt would enter my mind. Would those trees bud again? Would the grass sprout and grow?

Hope bubbled up in me to meet every doubt. God can! Slowly, the vista changed daily. The trees that held not one leaf budded and grew hundreds. Grass that once was brown grew new life blanketing the hills. Day-by-day the differing hues of green were telling God's fascinating narrative of the life He brings out of what once was dead. 

On the side of that hill, as I stretched my arms high to praise God where only He could see, He taught me a very profound lesson. He taught me the truth of my salvation. He was the God who could awaken my dead places to sweet joyous new life. As He opened my eyes to His creation, He opened my heart to the possibilities of His redeeming power. 

There is hope.

Because Jesus was and is and is to come He can use me in spite of my past mistakes. He can cover me just as the grass blanketed the earth. I do not have to live in a spiritually dead February.  My life can speak of a zephyr of Christ that is the hope of abundant life.

Dig Deeper |

Psalm 25:1-10

Additional Liturgical Readings For The First Week of Advent |

Jeremiah 33:14-16; 1 Thessalonians 3:9-13; Luke 21:25-36

Action Item |

Do you doubt that God can use you in spite of your past? Ask God to show you how He is making you new and how He wants to use you as a story of His great power to save.

Prayer |

We praise You Lord for Your salvation. Thank You that when we wait on You, You reveal to us who You are. Open our eyes to the possibilities of Your great plan for us and how we can be a story that speaks to those around us of new life. Prepare our hearts as we look to the birth of Jesus and remind us of the significance of this event. In Jesus name, Amen.

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