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Give Thanks in Frustration

ThanksgivingMarci Anthony2 Comments

My go-to emotion is frustration. Problem at work – frustration; raising a teenager – frustration; disagreement with spouse – frustration; dirty house – frustration; eat the ice cream – frustration; don’t eat the ice cream – frustration.

Frustration is a vicious little merry-go-round of being upset or annoyed when I’m unable to control a situation or make a goal a reality. Frustration for me is a “disturbance in the force.” While I am not a Star Wars groupie, I’ve always loved how reaction to events caused the feeling of agitation or frustration in certain characters. Life, as they knew it, was out of balance.

Over the years I’ve learned that balance is everything. When one area of my life gets heavy and weighted down, that spinning merry-go-round starts to wobble and the longer and faster it spins, the more out of kilter life becomes. I’m currently in the middle of an out of kilter disturbance in the force. It’s been building for weeks, but somehow I missed the signs or ignored them altogether. If frustration is my go-to emotion, ignoring the frustration is my go-to response.

The more out of kilter, or the greater the disturbance in the force, the more frustrated I become. At some point, the intensity is so high, I have to decide: do I stay on this crazy ride or jump off?

Jump where?

Jump to Jesus. It seems so simple. He’s right there watching me spin around and around and around with His arms open wide, ready to catch me. He knows I have to make the jump. I’ll only jump when I accept that I was never in control and He was always in control.

I think of Moses and the beautiful, raw, heartfelt conversations he had with God in the desert. In Numbers 11 we see more than a glimpse of Moses’ frustration with the Israelites, their living conditions, and Moses’ responsibility. Moses was spinning really fast on that frustration merry-go-round. As frustrated as he was, he did jump off – Moses jumped to God. Moses laid out his frustrations and God answered with one of my favorite verses of scripture: “is my arm too short?” (Numbers 11:23) My translation of God’s reply – “don’t you know I’ve got this?”

No doubt, Moses had a lot more going on in his life than I have in mine. Yet, my frustrations are just as valid. And, my response is just as important. We read in Psalm 90 how Moses continued to give thanks, even in the days, months and years of frustrations. Making the jump is the scary part. Giving thanks should be easy.

Today I am thankful I have a job, thankful for the blessing of a child, thankful for the love of a spouse, thankful for a home to rest in, and thankful for abundant food to eat.

Continue to join us this month at Sow & Gather as we explore what it truly means to be thankful. Thankful in all situations.

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Numbers 11; Psalm 90

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Commit right now to jump off whatever emotional merry-go-round you are on and do it.

Prayer |

Dear Heavenly Father, you know my heart. You know that I allow frustrations with uncontrollable outcomes to build up to the breaking point. Lord God, make me aware when this is happening. Help me to jump as many times as necessary until I learn to give you complete control. May I give thanks always. Amen.

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